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What does Prudence, Piper, Phoebe, Paige Halliwell, Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh, Dr. Temperance Brennan, and Detective Kate Beckett all have in common? They are your brilliant breathtaking crime fighters whose sole purpose is to find the truth. They are also driven by the deaths of their mothers whose killers were never found until they took over their mother’s case and with clues, solved their mother’s murder. Rather than sitting around waiting for answers, they seek it themselves despite all the warnings from friends and colleagues.

In Charmed, the series ran from 1998-2006 on the WB are about three sisters and the destiny they about embark upon and embrace. The series begins as normal sisters, women whose lives were turned upside down when their grandmother dies and released all their powers where they are known as The Charmed Ones.

The Charmed One’s personal lives are put on hold as they battle evil every day while trying to maintain a normal life. Their journey continues on as they discover the truth about their ancestors, why their mother died and who was responsible for her death. However, that has never stopped them from trying to keep a normal life in finding love, work and building a family of their own.

What considers them crime fighters? They get to the bottom of the truth on every attack that takes place in their surrounding communities, which is either possessed by a demon or run by a demon/warlock/everything evil organization trying to destroy them or control the world. As the series continues on, they discover the demon who killed their mother in season two episode eight P3 H20, lose a sister along the way in season three episode twenty-two in All Hell Breaks Loose killing Prudence Halliwell the firstborn daughter and discovering that they have a half-sister named Paige Matthew who reunites them all in becoming the Charmed Ones once again.

In Crossing Jordan, which ran its seasons from 2001-2007 on NBC. Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh is commonly known to a pusher in every single case she has ever worked on. She doesn’t trust anyone that gets too close or let anyone get to close for fear of living. She never intended to become a Medical Examiner, but became one anyway. Although her methods are unorthodox in finding out the truth, she always manages to piss everyone off and yet solve the crime before the cops do.

In her journey as a medical examiner, she discovers many truths along the way about her mother’s death and the truth about her life. Cavanaugh discovers some of her father’s past in some of the cases she currently works on, even the phantom print that goes as far back to her mother’s death. She learns about an older brother whom she’s never known of and who her real father was. Despite the many lies she discovers along the way and the illusion about her father, she was raised as a Cavanaugh through and through.

She has dealt with a lot of obstacles but never once has she ever thought about living a full life since fearing she might become like her mother and dying young. Not only that, but she always manages to screw up every relationship she has ever been in; especially with Detective Woody Hoyt of the Boston Police Department. In a similar fashion, they are like our new television stars of Castle and Bones; a relationship that forms after being partners for many years. However, the series left us questions.

We would have liked to see what happens after the series finale in season six, but it was highly unlikely since we were stuck wondering what would have happened to Detective Woody Hoyt and Doctor Jordan Cavanaugh. We were also left wondering what happened after they were rescued when they were stuck in the plane crash in the middle of nowhere. That may never be answered but in our own imagination.

Speaking of Bones, meet Doctor Temperance Brennan of the Jeffersonian Institute a brilliant forensic anthropologist who is teamed up with Special Agent Seeley Booth of the FBI in Washington DC.

The series began in 2005, the series is still being aired on Fox with many followers awaiting what will happen to the brilliant scientist and FBI agent.

For nine seasons, Boneshas continued to grow in character and the changes they all go through on the show. What amazes us most is the relationship between Doctor Temperance Brennan and FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth. The very first episode just kept us yearning for more interactions between these two characters for they are complete opposites. They compliment each other so well for it balances out the characters and gives us a wonderful story development.

What considers Doctor Brennan a crime fighter is her brilliant mind for catching the smallest detail of the bones in order to determine what actually happened to the victims that were sent to the Jeffersonian. Not only that, but she discovers what happened to her family, the hidden secrets of the past that have come to light and how her mother really died.

The development of Doctor Brennan during the entire nine seasons has not changed her at all, that’s what unique about the show. Since never really seeing her emotionally about anything, the portrayal she displays about her feelings for her husband and father of her child on the show seems to only grow naturally.

In their tenth season now, we are hoping for more Bones to come and if not, we appreciate what the directors, producers, and writers have put together to entertain us for ten seasons. Thank you!

In Castle, meet Detective Kate Beckett of the New York Police Department Homicide Division. She could have had any other job, yet she chose the life of a homicide detective. Why? One reason, her mother.

We were all introduced to Detective Kate Beckett in 2009 on the series premiere of Castlestarring Nathan Fallon. Beckett, played by Stana Katic is an all-around character whose trust issue is only towards a small group of friends and close family.

What makes her so interesting is the partner she never wanted, but can’t get away from is Castle; the famous writer who has found her to be his next muse for the Nikki Heat novel series. So, it’s her job to keep author Castle safe while doing her job as a detective. These two pair makes the series complete and whole as their characters clash head to head on how to conduct an investigation. However, without the other most of the cases they worked on would never have been solved.

The difference in all these women crime fighters is the fact that it took a while for Beckett to figure out why her mother was killed, why and by who. The development into her mother’s case file was a lot more than just a plain robbery. It took a closer look into the wounds to discover that her mother’s murder wasn’t the only victim of the same stabbing. During her mother’s investigations, more questions were being opened and the case leads them to where they never expected it to be.

What I love about women crime fighters is the strength each of these women has faced and what they have overcome in being who they are without any moral complexity. They fight for the truth and stay honest with themselves despite some of the hectic tasks added to their lives. These women show strength in numbers from their emotional well being to your normal everyday women who seeks answers.

We hope for more women crime fighters without the cliche one hit wonder lines.

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