Wolf Warrior 2

I finally caught onto the Hong Kong buzz again and checked to see if there were any worthy Chinese films out there aside from my favorites (Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, etc.). I had heard so many good reviews for Wolf Warrior 2 for a long while now, just never had the chance to watch it until this past weekend.

Wolf Warrior 2 stars Wu Jing co-starring Celina Jade (Arrow, Legendary Assassin) and Frank Grillo (Captain America: Civil War).

This film is filled with a lot of high impact martial arts performance we have seen in a lot of Jackie Chan’s older film back in the days. I love how it actually stuck with the story in getting the mother back to a son during a time of crises, but with a whole lot of obstacles in the way.

Nothing is ever easy for a hero who never wanted to be a hero.

The opening of the film has an underwater fight sequence that I have never seen in any Hollywood produced film. Like, ever! So, it was rare to see a beautifully crafted sequence performed underwater with fluidity. Comedies don’t count because we all know it’s fake. That goes to all the other underwater fight scenes where the only alternative is drowning or cutting your opponent.

This film has a lot of messages about humanity, faith, a cause and something to believe in when all hope is lost. This film is going to relate to everyone on a large spectrum because it speaks about war, famine, disease, genocide, and it triggers our hearts to a certain degree. No one wants war regardless of our nationalities. No one wants to lose a loved one nor do we want to die. So yes, this film may have a little bit of political propaganda but doesn’t every single war films we’ve seen in the past?

Regardless, this film is amazing. Wu Jing did a terrific job when it comes to the action sequences, this film had you on the edge and just when you think the obstacle is over; here comes another. This film definity is a must see.

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