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Music Perspectives

December 10, 2018

Music has always been a part of my life, I’m pretty sure all of yours too. I was fortunate enough that I found an old blog post I wrote in Word. Thank God for that! Anyway, before I came to Christ, I have never been impressed with the secular music industry because I find it…

Tommy C

December 6, 2018

Independent artists around the country are becoming an instant hit as their videos go viral on YouTube. In order to become an instant hit, there needs to be some factor that generates this fan following. As a reviewer and love of music, it wasn’t too difficult to find talented musicians online who are making noise…

Hmong Musicians

November 30, 2018

Once open a time there were plenty of Hmong musicians I have gotten to know. I had the opportunity to interview most of Hmong’s emerging musicians in their beginnings entitled Behind the Scenes: Hmong Musicians which featured Reflections, Pagnia Xiong (Hmong Idol), Elvis (formerly of Rare, Gran Torino & The Creatives), ONO, Sony (manager of Reflections…

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