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Tony Yang

December 6, 2018

Milwaukee is the home of Shaolin Entertainment, a collective of young Hmong artists who like to hang out and chill in their neighborhood with friends and family. It’s also the home of Tony “Telo” Yang, an up-and­coming Hmong hip-hop artist who recorded his debut album just slightly after fellow Shaolin artist Paul “LP” Yang. Both…

LP Yang

December 6, 2018

One of the most anticipated new solo artists in the Hmong community hits the music industry with fresh cutting edge lyrics filled with a brand new beat giving the Hmong community a break-through towards other Asian ethnicities here in America. Paul “LP” Yang, Hmong’s newest hip-hop has made 2006 the best year in the Hmong…

Hmong Musicians

November 30, 2018

Once open a time there were plenty of Hmong musicians I have gotten to know. I had the opportunity to interview most of Hmong’s emerging musicians in their beginnings entitled Behind the Scenes: Hmong Musicians which featured Reflections, Pagnia Xiong (Hmong Idol), Elvis (formerly of Rare, Gran Torino & The Creatives), ONO, Sony (manager of Reflections…

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