Second Chances

Days of our Lives star in a Hallmark Original Movie.

Alison Sweeney and Greg Vaughan star in Second Chances Hallmark Original Movie World Premiere. The film is about a single mother Jenny McLean (Sweeney) struggling to make ends meet with her two kids as a 911 Operator and a firefighter Jeff Sinclair (Vaughan) who she nicknames Cowboy.

When Jenny receives a dispatch call that Jeff has been hurt in a fire, she’s determined to finally meet him face to face. With a broken leg and strict doctor’s orders not to walk on it or climb any stairs, Jeff needs a first-floor apartment where he can recover while Jenny is looking to rent out her guest room to earn extra income.¬†Brought together by the unusual circumstances, Jeff soon moves in and becomes part of the family and Jenny is reluctantly falling for him.

Somehow, Hallmark always makes love stories so real and so right. I would never have watched this film since all the love stories bore me to tears from the silver screen to television dramas. I haven’t watched a decent love story since Titanic, no offense to the other films out there; but it’s true. I didn’t bother watching The Vow, Letters to John or Letters to Juliet. The more love stories I’ve recently watched were foreign films from Bollywood to Hong Kong cinema. So, it came to a surprise that after watching Second Chances, I was amazed at how different the characters were to that of the Brady twins we see every day from Monday to Friday.

I was stunned and surprised at how many fans commented that they didn’t want to watch this film because these two fabulous characters play brother and sister on Days of Our Lives. I ask all readers and fans alike, why would you base your judgment on this film when you haven’t watched it? Shame on you, for you, have missed out on a great performance by two talented actors.

The message was clear as day. However, for those who haven’t watched a television movie yet. I’ll not spoil it for you. Instead, I’ll just give you the layout. Don’t look at this movie as the characters you see on Days of Our Lives, instead look at it as another new film that just came out with two different characters. Don’t mix the two up and enjoy it.

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