Rooftop Prince

Reincarnation, doppelgangers, a prince and three very comedic bodyguards later... You get Rooftop Prince

I didn’t much care for Korean drama since I didn’t particularly like the fact that it takes about twenty to forty episodes to solve one mystery.

In most of the Korean dramas, I have watched before such as Full House, Devil Beside You, Autumn in My Heart, and Glass Slippers; I was disappointed with the storyline, plot and the ending. The most common aspect in those dramas was the constant crying, sighing, cliched misunderstandings, cancer, the lies and the gullible person believing in those lies. I didn’t like how the story portrayed how weak woman was presented and how little strength they had. The one thing that has always disappointed me most is how the Korean dramas don’t know how to end their stories with a simple conclusion, for it leaves the people wondering why they had to kill off the hero or gave them an amnesia.

However, since my little sister kept watching more of the new and latest Korean drama such as City Hunter, Boys Over Flowers, and Playful Kiss; I wanted to check out other Korean drama existed. The new and latest recent Korean drama I have watched made me laugh so hard that I couldn’t help but refer this drama to other who has never heard of any of the Korean dramas before: Rooftop Prince.

The synopsis of Rooftop Prince is set in a crossover between the past and present-day Seoul, Korea where Prince Yi Gak (Micky Yoo Chun) is stuck in the present with his lofty protectors (Lee Min Ho, Jung Suk Won, and Choi Woo Shik) in order to uncover the mysterious death of his wife, Crown Princess. As the Prince wonders around in present-day Korea, he is disoriented and confused. To his surprise, when he arrives, he meets a woman that looks exactly like his dead wife. However, she’s not only the princess who has a modern-day doppelganger,  everyone including the prince himself.

The protectors: Lee Min Ho (green), Jung Suk Won (blue), and Choi Woo Shik (yellow). The characters within this drama did a perfect job in their roles to present how the situation between the past and present coordinates with the storyline. The protectors of the Prince are laughable to the core with their constant protection to the Prince and the situations they get themselves into while being stuck in the twenty-first century. Hardcore to the bones, yet soft on the inside and honorable men who would die in protecting their Prince. Despite their protection, they would eventually give in to the orders of a young independent woman, Park Ha (Han Ji Min) and hopefully not get yelled at by her.

Prince Lee Gak / Yong Tae Yong:

Micky Yoo Chun, a well-known singer, and songwriter from the boy band with SM Entertainment called TVXQ turned a new corner in debuting his acting abilities winning the hearts of Asian fans. This is his third drama as a leading man. Normally when most singers transition into actors, they have to pass the test of convincing the audiences that they can actually act. As for Micky, he did an outstanding job with Rooftop Prince. I was impressed with his character as the 300-year-old Prince who was transported into the future. The way how he portrayed the Prince is so convincing because of how his expression is to the new world and the changes he had to adapt to in order to figure out why he was sent into the future in the first place. The comedy in him comes out because of the culture shock, which made this Korean drama so well maintained and authentic. The Prince had a really hard time in discovering the truth about the circumstances which landed him to the present day Korea. He had to learn how to adjust to working, listening to others and be a Prince at the same time. The transition from the cranky 300-year-old Prince to the modern day Yong Tae Yong was just too hilarious for the way he had to learn how to use the electronic devices and had to constantly lie in order for the modern people to believe that he was the lost grandson to the hugest Korean company.

Park Ha:

She’s the doppelganger of the Crown Princess younger sister Boo Yong (aka Lotus Flower). Park Ha’s character had plenty of ups and downs, especially when she journeyed back to Korea and discovering her father had passed away. However, the one thing that kept her from being a total recluse was her friendship with the guys from the past. Park Ha had one hilarious journey with the guys always getting themselves into trouble and learning how to handle their life in the present day Korea. Frankly, she was more annoyed and irritated instead of being scared or in fear with her life as the men first arrived on her rooftop (hence the name of the drama; Rooftop Prince). Since then, she has kept a close watch on the troublemakers and helped them adapt to the present day Korea as they try to figure out why they were brought into the future. While on the journey along with the guys, she is encouraged by the Prince in discovering her birth mother. And every single time when she was on the verge of discovering her real identity, her older sister Hong Se Na (Jung Yoo Mi) would keep Ha from uncovering the truth.

Park Ha was magnificently well played by Han Ji Min who caught my attention with her strong character background. Throughout the entire drama, the character of Park Ha seemed to have faded away since she fears that someday soon her Prince will disappear back into the past where he belongs along with his buddies. While watching the drama, her eyes spoke volumes of her struggles and the unspoken bond she has with the Prince. Her wardrobe was okay. I don’t know much about Korean fashion, but the layering of her clothes could have been used less. Other than that, she did an outstanding job of portraying two strong characters from the past and present.

The Story:

The story mainly surrounds Park Ha and the Prince, through some mysterious fairy tale between the present day Park Ha and the Prince, a love story emerges. The story began with the death of Crown Princess 300 years ago, but the truth was revealed 300 years later. Why? How is it possible for a crime to happen in the past come to light in the present? Through some twist of fate, the story also involves the present day Yong Tae Yong and Park Ha who was initially destined to be together in the present day Korea. However, through some horrible fate of a third party, their fate was tarnished as their fate was tarnished in the past.

In order to find out the death of the Crown Princess, he must first find out what happened to the real Yong Tae Yong and why he’s in the present day Korea. Throughout the entire drama, the Prince falls in love with modern day Park Ha and forgets about the troubles of the past. However, as the season progresses and the climax emerges as the events of the past and present are all intertwined with destiny. As the Prince digs into the present day hectic, he discovers a shocking revelation of the past and making progress as to the identity and the death of the true Crown Princess.

Overall, this entire drama is one of the best in Korean drama of late. The story and plot mesh into one incredible modern-day fairy tale all into one. The performances that the actors portrayed were realistic enough to keep the audience’s attention. The fashion could have been updated a little bit more. The acting was undoubtedly the most authentic compared to the others. This entire drama had a reason, a story, a real experience of love, hope and happiness. I give this 5/5 stars for its performances, music composition, story, and best drama. The drama may have a few cliche moments, but the best things about this drama are that the message about love.

“No matter how many years have passed, I will still love you.”

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