Rocky Handsome

Rocky Handsome is the South Korean film adaptation of The Man From Nowhere. The Bollywood version stars John Abraham as the unknown hero. Just a little bit of disclaimer before we dive in, as John Campea says in his introduction “that all films are subjective,” meaning that my opinions will always be different from others and that’s okay.

There are plenty of pros and cons for every film. Fanatics who will always champion for the original versus a remake. Then there are those who troll around boycotting everything because it offended them in some way shape or form. Let us be clear on this subject in particular, Bollywood cinema is completely different from Korean or Hong Kong cinema as well as Hollywood.

In the past, I have often been disappointed because Bollywood sucks at producing action films. I grew up watching Hong Kong martial arts films and til this day, nothing compares to the height of Hong Kong cinema. Bollywood celebrities aren’t that talented when it comes to martial arts or know how to make their mark to complete an action sequence correctly. That’s one of the pitfalls of being a Bollywood celebrity. From an audience’s perspective, it’s cheesy and a cop out of Hollywood maneuvers. So, I stopped watching any Bollywood films after Dilwale.

I heard of John Abraham, but I never watched a single film of his until a few weeks ago in Force 2 and then it proceeded it with Rocky Handsome. I was actually pretty impressed with his action sequences, the climactic knife fight scene. Brutal, authentic and a little bit gory. Yet, Abraham changed the ball game for me to go back and re-watch some of the Bollywood action flick again.

Upon YouTubing him and his interviews, I know now that he actually studied in Thailand to be more authentic in Rocky Handsome, which is exactly what audiences want. Authenticity!

Anyways, the film is almost the exact replica of the original. So, no need for me to remind or review. I just wanted to bring up some bits and pieces that are different.

Acting: I have seen Won Bin’s performance in both his television and film series in the past. His acting hasn’t really measured up to what I expected him to be, but The Man From Nowhere was an exception. Abraham’s performance showed more of a soft side with his background being revealed to the mass audiences compared to Bin’s character. I loved both their performances because it brought out the difference between each of these characters.

Action: Loved all the action in both the Korean and Indian version. The difference is that Bin is smaller and fast while Abraham is huge and massive like the Rock. Their fighting skills were very different, which shows two different characters. That’s one way to put The Fast (Bin) & The Furious (Abraham) together if you asked me.

Gore: There was a lot of gore, something that I prefer not to watch on screen; especially if there are children involved. There was a scene in the climax in the Indian version that I thought was a defining moment where Abraham’s character covered up the eyes with his suit. Unlike the eye-popping gore, we saw in the original, that creeped me out.

Overall: I liked both of these films in regards to the strong characters, plotlines and action sequences. It may have been a remake, but still, two different characters and that is what sets these two films apart.

Until next time dear readers, have a great one.

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