Resolution for Women

With power, comes great responsibility.... Uncle Ben

A good start, a great beginning. However, our Faith is being tested and our foundation has formed small cracks filling our foundation and slowly seeping into our lives to shake us down. In our minds, we began with ourselves from our local church. However, through my heart and the words flowing through me at this very moment, there is an important calling who are believers in Jesus Christ. God has a mission for us all and he is patiently waiting for each and every one of us to use our God-given talents to embrace these gifts, enabling us to share with each other.

Studying the Bible, through His Word to fellowship with one another and offer friendship when we need it most is whenever times are tough or when we are at our lowest. We each have a different story to tell, a story filled with an emotional baggage. I wanted to share with you all I have learned after reading the Resolution for Women, receiving some wise advice from friends, family and the Great Lord through my dreams.

I have been praying a lot lately to the Good Lord. Questioning myself where I have learned to have so much compassion for others, why I always see the good in people and why I help out those who always needed my help without asking.

God is LOVE. His LOVE is forever lasting. God created us with a purpose. These words that I have written were kept locked inside my heart. But with the power of prayer to Our Lord and Savior, he was able to help me write these words that needed to be written.

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