New Year, New You…ah huh.

So, by now with our second weekend into the new year and everyone is trying to live up to their New Years Resolution. The most common resolution is health and wealth. Well, I’m not because I’m still trying to accomplish last year’s resolution.

Let’s put this in one simple term. We can literally never live up to it our New Years Resolution so why make it anyway. My goal from last year is the same as this year. How to walk properly like a normal human being.

About a year ago give or take a few months, I went into surgery to get an ankle-foot infusion. I’ve had some setbacks from an open wound to a screw removal, some painful moments and still going through a whole bunch of meds to help ease or manage my chronic pain.

I’ve read up on every possible information I can find in regards to chronic pain and help with my arthritis, but in the whole scheme of things. There is no cure for my condition. I just have to be careful on what I eat, which mostly consists of eggs, veggies, some selective meat and chicken.

Still. this won’t stop me from two of my goals I actually set out to do.

One, enhence my online creditials once again and two continue my project that I have never revealed to anyone in the past. Which, will be revealed some time soon in the future.

Until then, I wish and pray for everyone’s well being with lots of love and good will.


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