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Eye On It - TobyMac

Music has always been a part of my life, I’m pretty sure all of yours too. I was fortunate enough that I found an old blog post I wrote in Word. Thank God for that!

Anyway, before I came to Christ, I have never been impressed with the secular music industry because I find it boring without any real integrity.

Why? I’ll give you five reasons.

One, secular music has too many club scenes that are getting old and out of date. Don’t people ever grow up? By the time I hit my late twenties, I find it boring compared to an art gallery or a museum tour.

Two, every single secular music videos I have seen always surround itself with sex, semi-nudity, alcohol, drugs, and violence. That is a huge turn-off. Realistically, why would you want to encourage your kids to party hard like that? They all have cell phones and can YouTube it without you knowing about it as well as sneaking off to party just like that. No thank you.

Three, secular music always seems to be sending the wrong message to teens who are currently listening to their music. Aren’t music supposed to uplift, inspire and encourage us when we lose all hope? If you listen carefully to each music in the past it’s downright depressing.

Four, their performance is great, but they cannot play a single instrument. Sorry, but you’re not really a musician unless you know how to play an instrument. That’s just my personal opinion.

Five, they always sing about love and hate. Not once have I ever heard an uplifting song to encourage people to do something with their life, fight their demons, stand up and raise their voices. They are only a select few who sends out positive songs, but other than that it’s just a whole bunch of bs.

When it comes to music, films, or books, I have to be impressed with their work not just by the person performing but the quality of the entire package. And throughout the years, I have criticized many things from Britney Spears to today’s artists. I would listen to their music, watch their videos, look at their performance, then watch their videos again to make sure that it goes along with the music they sing to. Sadly disappointed that they have all failed miserably.

Remember, everyone has a different opinion and that’s totally fine.

Here is where I see the comparison between secular music and Christian music.

Christian artists outshine the secular performers with real music that will uplift the audiences to tune into the next album. While secular music is about love and hate. Don’t get me started on Bollywood music… 🙂

I came into the Christian music community when I first got saved. I have to admit, I loved it and that surprised me. Through the Grace of God, I am blessed to share, celebrate and worship with friends and close family about this Christian music.

The very first Christian music I listened to was TobyMac’s Eye On It album. The song that I could never get out of my head was Me Without You. The song was addicting, a song you can dance to and praise the Lord at the same time. Knowing the critic in me, I had to check out others and fortunately for me. I was introduced to the Christian radio in my local area with Q90FM,

Flashback, stepping through the scene. There’s You and there’s a very different me. Touchdown, You had me at belief. You had me at belief, You did.

Eye On It reminds us that no matter how low we are in life, whether we are sad, lonely or incomplete, there is a higher power that is always there beside us.

Music is surely for the soul.

Until next time dear readers, have a great one.


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