It’s Not So Lovely

I conducted a little experiment late last night and into this evening. I ran across a sponsored page entitled “It’s A Lovely Life” and I assumed they were there to teach us how to make money while blogging. Well, as I was conducting this little experiment I realized that the only way for this family to make an income was to sell their digitalonline courses, and refer their customers to BlueHost. 

I’m not going to fault them for building their business that way, but I just think it was a tacky way to convince rookies to build their blog through BlueHost when there are plenty of other domain hosting platforms to choose from.  They are very forthcoming in how they make their income, but as a web designer by trade it’s just a disappointment when their website looks like crap.

It’s all over the place, out of date and a little bit unorganized. It looks like Blogger themes when you first build it.

The only false information provided in their “training” is that they don’t teach you how to make money. They only teach you how to blog and stay consistent. Last time I checked, you don’t get paid to blog on your own website unless you’re if an expert and a paid influencer from a brand corporation.

For those who aren’t to tech savvy, I highly recommend researching your materials before you jump head onto any blogging platforms or purchasing your domain on a hosting platform. I don’t want to see either of my clients or people be taken advantage of when they’re at their lowest. 

For those who requires a visual learning curve. Please, I beg of you to YouTube what you specifically want ahead of time before you decide to purchase a domain that you’ll come to regret later.

Until next time, have a wonderful night.

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