Inspired by Hmong Fashion

Hmong Fashion Designs are Blooming

Hmong traditional items of clothing are taking a modern turn strutting down the fashion runway with rich textile designs. While growing up from a large Hmong family, we have always witnessed our mothers sew beautiful well-crafted embroidery. For the girls who learned how to sew and learned from their mothers, their passion for the arts only intensified their vision in becoming a fashionista.

Hmong designs would include bright colors: pink, green, red, blue, and a ray of colors we see in Bollywood films. Before we knew it, fashion designers started to embrace Hmong designs and created their own inspiring look. Suddenly, you are seeing Angelina Jolie’s daughter wearing a Hmong jacket that is sold only at a Hmong or Asian market. Next thing you know, more celebrities are also turning to Hmong inspiring designs from purses to fashion wear as Selma Hayek.

Hmong fashions are hard to come by and there are several reasons why.

  1. Hmong traditional articles of clothing are all hand stitched and customized from scratch.
  2. Hmong traditional clothing all takes time from the color of the thread to the design.
  3. No American retail store carries a handcrafted Hmong outfit.
  4. You can only get Hmong traditional clothing at a Hmong New Year or Hmong Store.

If you’re not Hmong and are in search of a Hmong clothing, you’ll have to wait for the next Hmong New Year to purchase your order.

In recent news, it has been discovered that more than one Hmong Fashion Designer exists. In fact, there is plenty of Hmong Fashion Designers right in our own backyards from Fresh Traditions in St. Paul, Minnesota to the Revived Fashion Show in Fresno, California traveling all around the world in France, Australia, Canada, China, Laos, Thailand and French Guinea, South America. Let’s not forget fashionista Sheng Moua and Chong Cha; two of the most successful women in Fashion who has worked with celebrities all over the country.
Hmong fashion is catching up with the times, the traditional Hmong clothes are now becoming the fashion of today in most youth with vibrant colors and decorated designs.

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