I haven’t laughed so much in a film since Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2. Dishoom reminds me so much of the bromance between Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. This isn’t a film to be ignored because it’s not an action film, it’s a bromance film. Something that has been missing in Bollywood for some time now.

Just a little reminder, all films are subjective and my opinions will always be different from yours and that’s okay.

Dishoom stars Varun Dhawan and John Abraham. Since rediscovering Bollywood action flicks once again after watching Abraham’s films (Force 2 & Rocky Handsome). I went backward to watch any worthy films I may have missed. I just finished Dishoom late last night and I haven’t been able to stop laughing despite the film being one of those one-liner cliches.

When you add a serious character like Abraham, you also need to offset it with a complete opposite where Dhawan’s character comes into play. How does that work out? Simply put, the bromance between two different people on a journey filled with adventure that will crack you up from start to finish. That’s exactly what Dishoom accomplished.

It’s an okay film in regards to the story plot line, it is very similar to Rush Hour when the Chinese consulate’s daughter is kidnapped and held for ransom. In this case, it’s the Indian’s cricketer who gets kidnapped and held for ransom. Who is sent? The toughest SOB (Abraham) in the Indian Task Force and the loudest mouth (Dhawan), a rookie seeking validation for his work.

I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Rush Hour and Dishoom. The kidnapping was a give away, of course the airplane scene where Dhawan stops the airplane with an excuse and how these two cops ends up saving the day. That’s where the similarity between Rush Hour and Dishoom ends.

There were scenes that were a wasted cause and could have done a better job in the editing department to shorten up the time slot. Go CSI style if need be I say. Plus, there were some inaccuracies in the film that people either missed it or found it. For instance, if you watch the film again you’ll notice that Abraham’s character’s white long sleeve magically changed back into the black Under Armor dry fit shirt when he was scheduled to be sent back home to India.

The desert part was really unnecessary, it didn’t make any sense and didn’t fit with the story. Plus, the question remains as to how on earth did the trio happen to get away from the desert unharmed when lots of people were after them with guns? Why weren’t they shot or killed by the bookkeeper’s goons? No one would have missed them but the Indian’s task force of course.

The helicopter scene came right out of True Lies, which was unnecessary and a complete waste if you asked me. The climatic ending could have been more useful if the villain actually took the entire stadium hostage with goons or a bomb of some sort. That way, one had to chase down the villain and the other had to disarm the bomb. That would have been a better ending than what we all saw in the film.

The fault wasn’t in the actor’s performances, that is where I disagree with other commentators and reviewers of this film. Remember, I grew up watching a lot of great action films and pure dumb action films (that usually comes from Bollywood). No offense Bollywood, but you guys suck at producing action flicks. If it wasn’t for Abraham’s films, I wouldn’t even dare watch another Bollywood action film at all. So, my side note there. Be thankful!

Bollywood is changing, I can see it evolve, but still, the cliche hangs in the review mirror awaiting its final fate.

Overall, I thought it was a entertaining. I had a great time.

Until next time, have a good one.

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