About Me

Web Designer

I have a Creative Writing certificate through a virtual online course I took at Stratford Career Institute in order to brush up on my writing skills before I decided to forgo a future in writing. I constantly pursued interviews of some of the underdogs in the entertainment industry from a minorities perspective because of the lack of diversity in areas such as film, music, and fashion.

Through sheer determination, I landed my first article published in Future Hmong Magazine following various Asian publications throughout the country and was a notable contributor to Yahoo! Voices when it was still active giving minorities a platform to shine their creativity.

In the summer of 2006, I interned at Eye.D Magazine based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. During my three-year adventure with the online publication, I had garnered myself from a contributor to an assistant editor. My work became a niche in working with underdogs, interviewing people who no one ever heard of and constantly steadying my career goals to overseeing content being created. However, that all came to an abrupt stop when the owner of Eye.D Magazine decided to take down their online presence.

In 2009, as Eye.D Magazine shut down their digital online presence I headed back to college and took a different path. While attending Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC), I joined in Business Professionals of America; a national non-profit student organization where it opened up a whole new possibility. It was within this organization that taught me the meaning of branding a career for myself and network with professionals on a larger scale. The value was an added bonus in shaping my goals a business entrepreneur.

Despite my college years, I was still a paid contributor for Yahoo! Voices where I created content which features Asian films, music, and fashion. I reviewed Asian films for the American audiences by slowly introducing them to Asian entertainment over time. For all contributors alike, it came to a shock when Yahoo! Voices announced that they will be shutting down their online presence. So, everything I have ever written or published for Yahoo! Voices has been obliterated and can no longer be found online.

Today, I am an Alumni member of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College with a degree in Cultural & Social Studies as well as Social & Human Services. An Alumni member of Business Professionals of America at a local, regional, state and national level; where I get to guest lecture, proctor, judge and contribute all my knowledge to post-secondary college students.

Yet, I remain as a freelance web designer, social media manager, and content creator. I am also the founder of Hmong Pageants Official Fan page where I store informational data of past and present Miss and Mr. Hmong title holders for historical purposes.

My previous work has been published in Wisconsin Pages (formerly Yesterday & Today), Yahoo! Voices, Nubqub International, EyeD Magazine, Hmong Today, Twin Cities Daily Planet (reprint), Future Hmong Magazine, Hmong Is You Magazine and Asiance Magazine. I have published several poems in Paj Ntaub Voice, a literary arts journal and the opportunity to work with published author Robert Danielak and Dr. Alicia Ghiragossian (poet-philosopher) on the second edition of Alicia G: The Poet-Philosopher of the New Millennium.