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The Five Love Languages

Normally, I don’t write about romance or talk much about romance. I don’t find romance in my life as useful since it has always gets in the way of what I am trying to accomplish. However, since I’m not an expert on finding love or about love, I leave that to those who do know about love. God is one…

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Heaven is For Real

Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo is one of the greatest true testaments of a young boy’s account of his trip to heaven. There will always be questions about whether he (Colton T. Burpo) really did go to heaven or if this was a made up story for personal gains. If you don’t believe than don’t waste your time…

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I was Saved by Jesus Christ

I have not been a good daughter, for I have sinned against my Father. I have not been a good daughter because I have hurted him through my actions and the choices I have made in the past. I didn’t know how much I have committed towards my Father until I prayed to know more of my past deeds. God…

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