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Judwaa 2 Review



That’s basically the gist of this “buddy, action, comedy” film starring Varun Dhawan as Prem & Raja who were separated at birth. One who grew up as a streetwise “something” turned pizza delivery boy and the other a not so famous “musician” student in college. Sounds familiar right? Of course it does, because this film was inspired entirely by Jackie Chan’s Twin Dragon.

Let’s start with the cons and then the pros.

Cons: The plot line disappeared altogether during the entire two hours. The dancing was horrible. The bike chase was just as horrible as the final fight scene along with a bomb strapped to the father’s waist. What was more annoying, was an adult Raipal Yadav (Nandu) acting so much like a child who couldn’t defend himself. Salman Khan appearing at the end of the film was lame.

Pros: There were funny moments. Just some funny moments.

Overall: I was a little disappointed that Bollywood couldn’t come up with an actual plot line that could have done justice to this film. It was a long two hour knock off of Jackie Chan’s original story, which I might add is a little more convincing than Judwaa 2. I don’t know how anyone would want to watch this film but listen to the music. The music was the only saving grace minus the performance though.

For all the twin films in Bollywood, only Arjun Kapoor (Mubarakan), Anil Kapoor (Kishen Kanhaiya), and Hema Malini (Seeta aur Geeta) could pull it off. Shah Rukh Khan’s twin or doppleganger films weren’t even worthy of watching because it just dragged on forever without an actual plot. As for Kajol (Dushman & Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi) were accepted among great story lines.

Judwaa 2 is now available on Netflix.


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