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Prayers for a New Beginning

Where did 2016 go? What happened in 2016?

Well, here is the cliff notes version. It was a tug a war between Republicans vs Democrats, Whites vs Minorities, Black Lives Matters vs Social Injustice, Trump vs Trump, need I say more?

In a nutshell, nothing will ever change because no one can change policies but for those who the people voted for, the Government. No matter how many times people go out and silently demonstrate, pray, cry or YouTube these injustice. The Government doesn’t care. Why? Because we have a lot of egotistical people who were put into power based on false promises, all they do is suck up the people’s money and use it for their own personal gain.

I think the only comical relief I find is Trump. I may not like the guy, but he can be honest to a fault and the things he says tends to either backfire or contradicts his Tweets. Now you know why I mentioned Trump vs Trump.

There has been too many bloodshed and heartbreak in the past couple of years that lead up to marches down the street, onto highways and death on both sides in a small private civil war in the United States alone as other countries are being attacked by terrorist.

Praying for a better year in 2017.

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