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From Blogger to WordPress

I have officially transferred from Blogger to WordPress. I have been debating about this for years when I first heard about WordPress. What really compelled me to officially make the transaction was the challenges of finally creating some WordPress themes.

I have been with Blogger since high school, playing with HTML coding and thought I knew it all. Boy, I was so wrong. I am so glad that I finally took the time to learn the tricks and hacks of WordPress, which gives me an added bonus. The difference between Blogger and WordPress is the setup, tools, appearance and more plugins.

The transfer was easy, all I had to do was download my XML file (Extensible Markup Language) and upload them all onto WordPress without loosing my data. The only side note is that majority of the photos will be lost, so I had to recollect them once again in order to match them with my posts.

Once you get acquainted with WordPress, play around with the tools for a bit and you’ll come to understand how the tools are used. It really doesn’t take long, you’ll just have to be patient and actually read. All the tools are located to the left side of your computer screen. The top navigation are small menu shortcuts to easily add a new post, view your post, and login or out.

The appearance of a completed WordPress is beyond your normal Weebly or Blogger page, for it gives you the option of various appearance once a post or page is published live. So, each page can either look the same or different. It all depends on the mood.

Plugins are a huge asset, it gives you more options to display what you want on your website compared to Blogger. With great pleasure, I am glad for the switch despite the 14 years debate I had inside my head.

I still have my backup, left on Blogger.

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