Alison Sweeney says Goodbye to Days

Can you believe it? After twenty-one years, Alison Sweeney is saying goodbye to Samantha Brady of Days of Our Lives. The news hit on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on the 21st of January. I’ll miss that spunky Samantha Brady who always either became a B***H on the show or sometimes, just your average girl.

Alison Sweeney as we all know is also the host of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, an author, mother, wife and beautiful human being. She’s like my many other inspirations in life, most of the reason is because of health.

We all struggle with health every single day and cutting out the best foods we crave is so hard to do. Whenever I watch a rerun of The Biggest Loser the way how Sweeney brings herself to cheer and share her concerns for the contestants are genuine is really truly inspiring in it itself. I do admit that I haven’t rad any of her books, but I do plan on borrowing it from the library. The books she has written so far is of her memoir, non-fiction more like.

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