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The Kong & Shu Project is a music collaboration created in the summer of 2007 by Kong and Shu Lor, two young, Hmong brothers from Morganton, NC. Taking on the challenge of writing music in Hmong, their native tongue, they believe by doing so, they are not only preserving their language, but also improving their speaking skills.

In just six months of establishing The Kong & Shu Project, the brothers debuted with their first album, “Pib Qhov Twg” in December 2007. Including hit songs “Ib Txoj Kev” and “Dhau Los,” the album put the brothers on the map. With immense support from listeners, they added another hit single, “Ib Txhis” to their discography in 2008. Their sophomore album, “Mus Dawb, Mus Huv” was released, making “Nyob Zoo” one of their most popular hits in 2009.

Since 2007, The Kong & Shu Project has been featured as a distinguished music duo at various events nationwide. They were selected as the creative minds behind, “Kaj Siab,” an original song produced solely for the 2009 Hmong National Development Conference, featured as a headliner at the 2011 HND Concert in St. Paul, MN, and invited to be a part of the first ever Hmong Music Festival in Fresno, CA in 2012, just to name a few.

With only five years in the Hmong music community, The Kong & Shu Project has already trekked an extraordinary journey. They are, undoubtedly, looking forward to many more amazing years as two Hmong brothers committed to holding onto the Hmong language through music.

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