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In the past few decades our Hmong news has excelled in the media from print to online at the tip of our fingers. Any news about the Hmong was only a click away. We didn’t have to scramble at the Hmong store to get a copy of the latest news of what is happening in other areas in regards to the Hmong.
There has been several Hmong magazines that came out, but didn’t last as long as we had all anticipated. Not only were the Hmong magazines unsuccessful, but it lacked the motivation, volunteer work to meet the deadline and financial assistance. The current Hmong magazines that are active is: Hmoob Teen, Hmong Magazine, The Hmong Empire (Now called Nub Qub), and Hmoodle. Previous Hmong magazines were: 18 Xeem, Teen Hmong, HmongMag, Eye.D Magazine, Future Hmong Magazine, Hmong Is You, Hmong Passion, Modern Hmong Magazine, Hmong Novus and Unplug Magazine.

Yet, here we are and still trying to thrive. Paj Ntaub Voice is in limbo for we don’t actually know what’s going on with PNV, for there hasn’t been any news or press in regards to PNV.

Joining with the latest online media trend are the news coverages on YouTube. Yes, we said it, YouTube. What better way to connect with readers or in this case viewers is by covering the latest happenings in our local Hmong communities on a global frontier. This time, it’s worldwide and available free of charge via YouTube.

Congratulations Hmong enthusiast. Keep it coming for the next generation to pick up. If I had missed any other Hmong media outlet, please feel free to contact me.

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I’m a freelance Web Designer and avid Blogger. My previous work has been published in Wisconsin Pages, Yahoo! Voices, Nubqub International, Asiance Magazine, Hmong Today, Hmong Is You Magazine, Teen Hmong, Future Hmong Magazine and eye.D Magazine. Several poems have been published in Paj Ntaub Voice, a literary arts journal and had the opportunity to work with published author Robert Danielak and Dr. Alicia Ghiragossian (poet-philospher) on the second edition of Alicia G: The Poet-Philosopher of the New Millennium.
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