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Access Hmong was originally created to serve our Hmong artists from musicians, film makers, writers, singers, actors, actresses, movie directors, photographers, fashion designers and any other Hmong artists worldwide. Access Hmong’s intention was to be the first major hub of information to keep an historical online documentation. Our mission was to digitally record and document as much information on our Hmong artists in order to help enhance their profile information. Our many goals are to raise cultural awareness, help fund scholarship opportunities for education in the arts, network with professionals in a career or office environment to inspire a new generation to reach their potential.

Years ago when the VHS Hmong home made films came out; we have to admit that we were star struck by many of the talented Hmong actors and actress on our television screen. Some of us became huge fans when one popular Hmong band, High Voltage came out with their number one single “Ib Sim Neej,” influencing a whole new generation of up and coming new artists. The rest, you can was history.

However, due to the lack of networking and record keeping; we lacked the information we needed. Hmongs wouldn’t have been able to gain access to any Hmong news, information to any of the most talented Hmong people or any of the announcements that were considered important. We had to wait until the Hmong Annual New Year or Festival came about in order to purchase popular Hmong albums, films, and other merchandise. Today as more social networks are being developed, so does our information at the tips of our fingers; literally. Yet, there is still one thing missing from the Hmong Entertainment Industry. Official legitimate profiles!

Every Hmong media that we have looked into has tried to profile new established and accomplished Hmong artists from around the country. However, no one was able to capture and profile our Hmong entertainers. We were very fortunate to have a team of dedicated workers from the Hmong publishing world from Hmong Today, Hmong Is You, HmoobTeen and others to help keep track of our very own Hmong “celebrities.”
Thanks to Facebook and other social media networks, it was easy to find out current Hmong artists.
Access Hmong was dedicated in providing a comprehensive coverage of the most important entertainment stories to previews and access to the latest motion pictures, television and music projects.
However, sadly to say; this project is no more. The reason why is that no one was interested in growing an essential part of our cultural history to build a bridge toward a greater community. It really saddens me that I had to cancel all the social media sites that was built surrounding Access Hmong and it’s true potential. I guess most Hmongs are not really there to see the bigger picture, there are appreciation; but no one is willing to donate their time and effort to create a spectacular documentary.
All future postings will be here in my blog, including those artists who has entered their bio information for their fans.

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