HmongFlix has become a franchise all on it’s own over a year since their inception to rent out Hmong films. The idea behind HmongFlix is an intriguing business venture that could have generated thousands to millions of revenue. However, due to some “people’s” agenda this business franchise might be doomed to failure. Why? HmongFlix could be sued for millions of dollars due to renting out films without the owners permission. However, I was later informed by a comment after my first post that a person can rent out videos they purchased from other vendor? We’ll take a look into this in the next post.

HmongFlix utilizes online marketing strategies to gain Hmongs who have already become a pro online. This company rents out Hollywood, Hmong and Korean films via the the internet to registered members. It’s just like Netflix but for Hmong people who are looking for ways to rent Hmong films, instead of purchasing it at the Hmong festivals.

However, there are several questions that still boggles the mind. Questions about who will benefit from this rental online company? How do they operate? Where are their place of business located at? And if these films being rented online legitimize through various channels from their official owners who produced the films. (Again, we’ll be back to this topic in the next post.)

So, who exactly will benefit the monetary gains when more members sign up to rent Hmong films online from HmongFlix? The people who created the company. Otherwise, HmongFlix would have made a press release in regards to renting films online to online users and made business partners to Hmong productions companies. The business itself appears to be legit, but only the IRS and Better Business Bureau can determine it’s registration. HmongFlix could really become an ultimate power business if it weren’t for the outcry from producers who created the films that were currently being rented on HmongFlix.

For instance, when filmmaker Billy Xiong also known as William Xiong released his film Opposite Blood in 2012; he discovered that his films were being rented out on HmongFlix without his permission or any net gain. This incident appeared all over the Hmong media sites from your every day Facebook to other Asian outlets. Then why such an outcry from Hmong film producers?

HmongFlix could also successfully gain the confidence of each Hmong production company, if they conducted business meetings with all the Hmong producers (legit ones) across the United States as one company. Like Netflix, all the Hmong production companies should utilize HmongFlix to market their films as well as earn 50% in commission in regards to rental fees or however way the percentage rates are between the business. This would benefit the entire Hmong entertainment industry as well as the entire Hmong community.

However, according to one of my sources inside the Hmong Entertainment Industry, the Hmong production companies are greedy people who only wants money all to themselves. So, it’s highly unlikely that the Hmongs will ever succeed in legitimizing their production company in America for future negotiations. They continue to harbor the idea that people cannot be trusted. It’s true, that certain people cannot be trusted; but isn’t that what lawyers are for? Lawyers exist in order to create a legal contract to make sure that all the parties involved are treated equally with respect and paid with due dilligence?

I guess we will never know until that day comes.

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