Priyanka Chopra – Exotic ft. Pit Bull

After my initial review on Priyanka Chopra’s single release last year during NFL’s Thursday night football between the Packers and Chicago Bears. My second review on her second single, Exotic. I have to say that the song is AWESOME. What I love about this song is that it’s natural, it’s her and you can tell that it’s original. The only flaw was Pitbull.

I don’t know about most of the music listeners out there, but have you noticed that every time when Pitbull is featured on someone else’s single, his “raps” doesn’t make much sense? Have you noticed that? I certainly did, which is why I never bought a single copy of Pitbull’s music.

Just read the lyrics where Pitbull comes into play:

I’m like Bon Jovi I’m wanted
Dead or alive, and ya better get with it
And in music game I’m more of a dead than alive
But that’s okay, i live with it
That’s why I live everyday like my last
Priyanka step on gas
From Morocco to Mumbai
Bollywood, Hollywood is all about the money

Why would Pitbull refer to himself as Bon Jovi when Bon Jovi is a rocker and he himself is a rapper? Unless he’s talking about fame, since they are both now less famous then they were before. Is that why he’s like Bon Jovi? And why refer to dead or alive? What music game? Is he talking about the life of a musician? Running away from the music scene because their famous? Sorry, but these versus that Pitbull comes up with just ticks me off when it doesn’t go with the song.

Here’s another example from Exotic:

To Cuba’s free
I can’t go
But i meet you in Rio for sure
But performing a pits sharp in Miami
How many he need a old school photos
Got women but both lows
Were from Duchies, Rolex and Cocos
To the Exhumers, Turks and Caicos
No more rumors maybe say so_s
It’s a fact there is no lie
Give me ready over fetcher n tie us
Ms World & Mr Worldwide
You already know that this thing is on fire

Why does he mention that to Cuba’s free? What does that mean exactly? And he can’t go? Pitbull, Pitbull, you could do better than trying to rhyme your lyrics all the time.

As for Priyanka, I was wondering if that was her singing the Desi girl part? Because it sounds familiar to that of the lip syncing voice she’s done in her films. I really do hope it was her, then she’s actually authenticated in her music by bringing out the Desi girl in her.


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