A Full Day

I had such a fantastic full day along with my sister. Today, I attended to a mother daughter retreat in a small town near Klondike, WI where a group of mother and daughters were staying with church members of the Calvary Chapel. My sister was giving her first sermon to a group of mothers and daughters, I was proud and excited for her. I was praying for her the entire time, which I thought went great considering that this was her first sermon of revealing some meaningful topics to girls who are about to embark on a journey through Faith. I met some interesting loving people too, great at asking questions and listening to what we had to say about our family and Faith.

Some of the topics my sister went over were pretty interesting, some were just confirmation that I needed to hear and some were what I had already learned. However, what struck me most about my sister is her conviction. Another side I have never seen in her before, a quality that manifested into a beautiful butterfly. The words that poured out through her were from the Gift of God himself, because I can hear him speak through her whenever she mentioned:

“Each one of us is a vessel for the Lord, when we allow him to empower us through the Holy Spirit. We are called by the Father for a purpose.” – Sister Lauj.

Each of these words struck a chord in my heart because these were the exact same words that I needed to hear and be confirmed in. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I was loosing my Faith in God for my life had gone through a dark phase for the past two months which I unplugged myself from the internet. Yet, no matter how many times I prayed or how many times I vented out of anger. I felt that God had abandon me yet again. However, today gave me courage in renewing old acquaintances and move forward with my life. That is exactly what I am doing, taking baby steps to finally be able to take control of my life once again and get out of this house for good.

Speaking of dark places, Manafest also known as Chris Greenwood gave one of his testimony at the Cup O Joy tonight during his concert with special guest Mike Bostone. I had planned on attending this event for the past couple of days now, I am just happy that I had the opportunity to share this event with my sister while she was volunteering. I had a great time, I felt like being up close and waving my arms listening to both of the talented musicians rap it out. In a word, they were awesome and highly entertaining; which was an added bonus.

I am so thankful for this day for God had planned it so perfectly, which was exactly what I needed today. I thank God that he still continues to push me in ways I haven’t seen myself in and that is always a rarity. I pray for the Cup O Joy to always bring more interesting artists. I pray for the musicians safe return home. I pray for the church members and others who have welcomed me with open arms. I pray for those I care and love to come to the Lord with open arms. I pray for those who need God in their life today. Amen.

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