The Delivery

On March 5th, 2013; I helped my younger sister deliver her second child, a son born at 12:55pm just as his nurse predicted around one in the afternoon. I am amazed at how small and fragile he was when he came out of his canal. I think I just trained myself to be midwife in helping with the labor. I’ve never before seen a close up child delivery until this one. It was truly a miracle.
Prior to the birth of my nephew, my sister came into our mother’s room and told me that her water just broke. I exclaimed pretty loudly, “Are you serious?!” I think I repeated myself two times until I finally got up and slowly started to get ready to drive her to the hospital. My brothers reaction were a lot more panic stricken than calmness. Like all male, they were in such a hurry because they feared that she might give birth right then and there. It took the entire night until mid afternoon for the actual delivery.

As predicted by my own intuition, I knew that one of our siblings would drive all the way from her home to attend the birth of a new family member. This hospital staff at St. Mary’s hospital was a lot more hospitable than St. Vincents where my younger sister’s first child was born. They are truly a blessing.

This second childbirth went a lot faster, smoother and better than the first one. The first born child took almost the whole two days, but as they say the second born will be a lot better and faster. They were correct.

I waited with my younger sister in the hospital for three and a half days. In between, I came in and out of the hospital to change, shower, pack my private belongings and ate before heading back to the hospital. The hospital couch/bed was actually better than my own bed at home. All in all, the delivery went fine and the baby is a healthy boy.

Welcome home Ryan.

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