Thoughts on Obama’s SOTU Address Part 2

The last time I left off on my last post was about the economy and health care. Here, I will post about education the realities with students, teacher and the education system.

In the President’s speech, one of his agenda is “by investing in high-quality early childhood education.” How many more investment are we speaking about? And what programs? Didn’t we already establish the No Child Left Behind Act program to help implement it into the education system? How many more programs do we actually need for children under the ages of of ten? Elementary education is only the beginning process in a child’s mind, knowing the basics of learning and showing their parents what they learned.

The education should be more focused when students enter into middle school, fresh out of elementary and orient themselves with the programs being offered. All students who enter into a different domain are afraid to socialize or join into a club organization due to extreme SHYNESS. This is the stage in a student’s life to determine if education is even worthy of learning. However, it all falls on the teachers who can hook the student’s attention instead of having their students being distracted by their kindle, cell phones, iPad or iPod. The reality is that student’s don’t care about their education because they get BORED by lecture after lecture on a regular daily basis. Teachers have to up the game and learn to establish some sort of curriculum that can engage in the students curiosity. Teachers has to sell their teaching skills to students in order for students not to get BORED while in class. If teachers don’t even want to help students succeed, what’s the point in becoming an educator? Why waste the taxpayer’s money by paying teachers who hates their jobs?

In order to boost the graduation rate, teachers has to do their part to help engage with their students to succeed throughout their entire education. I know of some who went the extra length to help students excel with their education, but those are just a few compared to hundreds of teachers who are currently hired. Remember Erin Gruwell? What about the film with Julia Roberts in Mona Lisa Smile? How about Coach Carter or Remember the Titans? Teachers can actually make a difference in a student’s life if they have the commitment to take on the students by challenging their minds.

Do you think creating more laws to enforce students to stay in school is going to change their personality and how they value their education? It’s a waste of time and effort to even implement these laws for it bares no consequences to anyone. These laws just gives them a reason to rebel. Students are given tickets and fines for missing more than two to three weeks of school instead of a compromise into finishing their education and turning in their missing work. Some cities are so focused on creating laws (that doesn’t work) to keep students in school that they loose the focus of educating the students.

The entire education system always focuses on statistics and numbers to see what level a student is at, hence all the final exams and essay writings. Numbers don’t reveal the potential in each individual student for it doesn’t characterize a student’s true talent. Take the ACT test for an example; the ACT is NOT an aptitude test. Yet it compiles scores among students all over the world and comparing it with others. It’s not a surprise that America has the lowest test scores compared to other countries. Other countries are more intense and have a better curriculum than Americans do. And according to Huffington Post:

A 2009 study found that U.S. students ranked 25th among 34 countries in math and science, behind nations like China, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Finland. Figures like these have groups like StudentsFirst, headed by former D.C. schools chancellor Michelle Rhee, concerned and calling for reforms to “our education system [that] can’t compete with the rest of the world.”

America is not equipped with the right teachers, equipments, curriculum and action plan in getting through a student’s head. People should know that the majority of students don’t like math and science; the challenge then is to try and have students be interested in science and math. So now, the education must depend on the teachers to sell their teaching skills to a student. So how are American’s going to have their students get involved in academics? How are teachers going to sell their teaching skills? How are American’s going to lend a hand and help their students to graduate?

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