Thoughts on Obama’s SOTU Address Part 1

President Barack Obama

In my last post, I only posted up the transcript and the hour long video of President Obama’s State of the Union address; which was aired live on National television on February 12, 2013. I am usually not one for politics or any political issues. However, I am an American who voted. Plus, I do have my share of opinions.

When President Obama said about our “union is stronger,” I highly wanted to say that it’s really not. If your union was stronger, there would be less problems with the world and more jobs available for our people. Also, he didn’t make it clear what was really stronger, just the “state” meaning what exactly?

His statement reveals that we are still actually in a “crises” for it’s true that all the hard working middle class family has NOT yet been rewarded. My mother is a prime example; she came here from a different country because of the Secret War during the Vietnam War and has worked all her life. She barely speaks or understands English, yet she managed to raise ten kids on her own and kept on working because she was the only one who can solely provide for her children. So where is her reward? She doesn’t know anything about financial assets, stock portfolios or building a trust in case of her death. How can she trust a bank who she “assumes” would one day steal her money?

In the City of Green Bay, while checking the Wisconsin Job net; I find it ironic that the jobs posted online are available when in reality it’s not. People deserve better than what we are going through at the moment. President Obama stated clearly that “our economy is adding jobs, but too many people still can’t find full time employment.” High corporations earns ten times more than an average working class family, yet they can’t afford to pay their employees what they are due? Greedy much? No matter how hard you work in life, the majority of the American population are still suffering at the hands of collectors, bills, health insurance, rent/mortgages and food. The most American debts are hospital bills, it’s ridiculous at how much money an emergency room costs when the doctors are so slow at coming to your aid; mostly in the Green Bay area as far as I can tell.

Speaking of health cost and insurance. I have a bone to pick on that one. I really get irritated how Americans wants lower taxes, but also want free health care. Well, here is my take on health issues in America. If we get free health care, do you know how many lives could be saved from cancer? Do you know how many MRI’s we could give to prevent people from dying from unknown diseases? If my Dad had an MRI on his head, he could have been saved. Instead, the Minnesota Disability Determination Bureau had to determine that he had to have cancer along with medical documentations. Same process that I am going through at the moment as well. It took them too long! My father’s dead and I’m stuck in limbo where a bunch of know at all to determine if I’m physically able to work. I know how to work, I just can’t physically work due to my medical condition. There is a difference.

The jobs of medical professionals are to save lives. How can doctors deny people the right to have a simple MRI because we don’t have insurance? How can the people deny having higher taxes than free health care? If we had free health care, it would solve all our health problems from cancer treatments to a visit to the emergency room; all for FREE. It’s a simple solution, higher taxes to the Government so that the Government pays the doctors instead of those who can’t afford a single dime. Common sense! Take a look at Cuba, France, Canada, and all the other FREE HEALTH CARE in other COUNTRIES. It’s ludicrous how much it costs for a single person to visit the emergency room. Here in Green Bay, WI; the cost to go to an emergency room is around $700. The cost of an x-ray is about $50-$60 dollars, and another hospital fee for $500 to $600 for choosing the hospital to get yourself checked in and out of. I have the medical bills to prove it. Ridiculous…!

Remember the documentary by Micheal Moore, “Sicko.” When I watched that documentary, I couldn’t believe the free health care that the people in other countries have. Not only that, but the truth about health insurance companies here in America. The documentary reveals a former agent who used to work in a health insurance company and had to deny people their claims. The only reason why health insurance are banking in more money is because they are denying claims to Americans who need it most. If you don’t believe me, watch the documentary and find out for yourself. She revealed about a couple who needed health insurance, but was denied their application claim because they didn’t meet the health insurer standards. Meaning, the more denied application these health insurance had the more money they get paid from other pharmaceutical companies. So, basically, America want’s Americans to fail in the health department so badly that they come up with so many rules, regulations, policies, complicated forms and the number one condition: NO PREEXISTING MEDICAL CONDITION. Meaning: If you currently have any type of cancer, disease, injury, or any medical conditions at all, you’ll be DENIED health care benefits. Oh, did I also forget to mention that you must have a certain weight in order to be accepted in the health care plan?

I like the fact that President Barack Obama is obviously holding every American accountable for their fair share of economic growth. If people actually learned to listen instead of being so judgmental about the tax loopholes. Not only that, but if a celebrity is paid twenty million dollars per film; why can’t they help donate for our National deficit here in America? Why can’t they donate their earnings to causes instead of being PAID to ask for donations for someone else’s cause? What bothers me most about rich people is that they rather show their bling than to support a good worthy cause like: education, health care, buy a total stranger a house just because, make someone’s dream come true, etc… I do admit that there are some rich people who are genuinely care: Jackie Chan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Gates, President Barack Obama just to name a few.

Today’s topic was about the economy and health. I’ll discuss part two of my thoughts on the State of the Union on our education system. So stay tuned.

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