The Cheap Lifestyle

Okay, let’s be honest ladies and gentlemen.

Times are tough, the economy is still not rising as we had all hoped for and who can be blamed for that? Certainly not the president as everyone else in this world seems to think and agree upon. Nope, thanks to a lot of huge corporations, bad investments at Wall Street, greedy rich people who had stolen our money sending it to their offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands, the war (on OIL) and mysterious money vanishing from the face of the world with no trace (yeah right, COVERUP); we simply live on through whatever means we have left. Sad, but true.

Why am I venting?

Gee, let me think, because it’s been four and a half years without a real job income. Don’t get me wrong, I love freelancing on writing articles, interviewing people, music reviews, movie reviews, web designing, image/media consultation and networking with other professionals is a blast. However, I want to move out on my own, live my life and officially leave the nest in search for the next big project.

I had to live a cheap lifestyle for so long that sharing what I go through would be a way to let others no that they aren’t the only ones. Since I don’t have any income, I had to resort to babysit just to put gas in my car. As for food, I signed up for food stamps to put food inside my stomach. And since I live at home with my mother, when I do have income I do my own laundry. However, when I don’t have any money; I have my mom to help with laundry.

It’s tough not having a job, because then you have to ask your parents or siblings for money. I don’t like asking people for money as much because it only hurts my pride that I, a thirty year old woman can’t afford anything and that shames me. I don’t mind if they pay me for babysitting their kids, but as every human being goes, we have desires too. Yet, despite all this, I am still stuck at home with the family with no privacy.

Odd that my professionalism is through CYBERSPACE. How? That is another story to tell. So stay tuned on how that happened for all those who are curious.

How did I ever manage to get by through life?


  • Gave up shopping for brand name clothes.
  • Gave up buying unnecessary materials: music CD, magazines, fast food restaurants, books, and computer software programs.
  • And stay home not adventuring out anywhere unless it’s necessary such as: doctor’s appointment, medication, and school.

Another way how I got around is through my Financial Aid grants and scholarships. I was fortunate enough to be granted a few thousand dollars for college tuition, the rest were usually to purchase things I needed to get done. Financial Aid helped pay for my college books I needed, a new laptop, important software programs, and clean my car.

I don’t shop at the mall, because let’s face it, I really hate shopping. So I stooped to Wal-Mart and online shopping. These are only how I got by while living life with no source of income. I continue to life the cheap lifestyle, I only hope and pray that my life will never stay like this forever.

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I’m a freelance Web Designer and avid Blogger. My previous work has been published in Wisconsin Pages, Yahoo! Voices, Nubqub International, Asiance Magazine, Hmong Today, Hmong Is You Magazine, Teen Hmong, Future Hmong Magazine and eye.D Magazine. Several poems have been published in Paj Ntaub Voice, a literary arts journal and had the opportunity to work with published author Robert Danielak and Dr. Alicia Ghiragossian (poet-philospher) on the second edition of Alicia G: The Poet-Philosopher of the New Millennium.
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1 thought on “The Cheap Lifestyle

  1. I was just searching for Hmong Blogs and yours came up. Good to see an aspiring author. Good luck with school and your pursuits. I've been going to school since forever and I am so glad it's finally done with it.

    Anyways, though I'd share a web app I created that really helped me juggle ten million things while I went through law school. It's an online day planner that allows you to schedule your time and bucket tasks into different projects/workspaces so you can focus on one item at a time rather then get overwhelmed with a million things to do. You can check it out at
    (It's a free web app.)

    BTW, your links to Eye.D magazine don't work anymore.

    – CY

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