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Rock the Lakes – Green Bay

Rock the Lakes – Green Bay – Recap
More than 24, 000 Green Bay residents poured into Leicht Park on Aug. 18 and 19 to receive a Gospel message from Franklin Graham at Rock the Lakes. The two day evangelistic outreach event featured eight bands, one rainstorm, an amazing rainbow, a gorgeous sunset and a live streaming broadcast to more than 100 countries and territories. Hundreds made life changing decisions for Jesus Christ.

After Lifest, I had assumed that there would be no more Christian Concerts or events coming our way. However, I was proven wrong when I heard on the Christian radio station (Q90FM) that Rock the Lakes was coming to Green Bay. I was overjoyed by the announcement and contacted my sister right away through Facebook. The best part was that it was free for the entire city, who wouldn’t mind a free concert and watch Skillet perform live.

During this two-day event, thousands came together and bonded over our incredible Savior, Jesus Christ. Others came for the first time and were asked if they wanted to be saved. Although I had already been saved, there is no harm in being saved with thousands of other believers. If I hadn’t, I would never have met this most wonderful woman whose kindhearted friendship reminded me that I am not alone. We are still in touch; she recently sent me two gifts in the mail. One was a CD and another is a book, which I shall read so that I can do a review on it.

Anyhow, we got off track here. During the two day event, we all celebrated with so many talented Christian artists: MarcusG, Lacey Strum from Flyleaf, L’Angelus, Flame, The Afters, Michael W. Smith, Skillet, The City Harmonic & We As Human (PHOTOS COMING SOON or check out my FACEBOOK). Although it rained a little bit, we stood tall and let the rain drop as we lifted our hands to Grace our Creator. Yes I do have the photos to prove that we were rained on, but it was a beautiful day after that as the sun began to shine on us and a rainbow appearing reminding us of God’ s covenant.

I had to opportunity to talk with MarcusG for a little bit and was surprised at how nervous he was, he was also a nice guy by the way and he worked hard to get where he is today. Lacy Strum of Flyleaf ‘ s story is incredibly touching about her personal life and how she found God. The Afters, lead vocalist Josh Havens showed us a genuine side of his faith through the powerful words of wisdom of faith and that no matter how hard our life is we can always reach for the skies. Skillet rocked the first night ending our first night with great enthusiasm giving us another performance and encore.

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