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Re-examining thy Self

Just five days into the New Year and already, I feel like something is about to happen. I have read as much information about Osteoarthritis and finally have some answers into how I can workout around my joint pains. I am glad that I don’t have Rheumatoid Arthritis, but having osteoarthritis is still as bad as having RA.  My bones can never go back to what it used to be, but I am now going to change my outlook on life and start to examine how I take care of my body.

I have been in constant pain for well over ten years, I was officially diagnosed with arthritis last year in 2012 as my x-rays have shown bone spurs around my knee and ankle areas. That’s probably why I can never exercise fully or keep up with my workouts in the past or play volleyball as much. I hated being on bed rest, I hated using my crutches when I needed to run some errands and I don’t like it how I can’t stand up for more than thirty minutes. That is how much pain I am in every day.

I have to take six pills of a 600mg of prescribed Ibuprofen so that I don’t have to feel the pain I go through on a daily basis . If I don’t take these pills, you can only imagine how much pain I go through. It’s like being hit by a huge collection of library books hitting you in every direction, the pounding headaches and constant pressure on my boney enlargement on my ankle.

I don’t want to be stuck in this kind of condition or take drugs anymore. So, my brother registered me under his name at the YMCA where there are those who can help me workout around my arthritis. They even offer therapeutic swim classes that are great for people who has arthritis. Something I am looking forward to. With this New Year, let’s pray for more miracles than we did last year and hope that there won’t be any tragic news as we have had in 2012.

I admit that I was terrified of what I might have found out and not to mention the stress of all those medical bills. Which is why I have waited for so long to check myself into the hospital. I didn’t want to be in financial debt and I certainly didn’t want to ask for help paying my bills. Alas, we live in a time where we can’t afford anything, barely making ends meet and as an unemployed as I am, no other choice but to reach out for a helping hand.

For those who has followed my blog or has read a few of my posts , you’ll see on the right hand side a donation button to contribute to my medical expenses. I am grateful for those who has done so already, may the Lord continue to work in your hearts to help spread my cause and contribute in any way you can. Thank you in advance .

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