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Hmong Music Awards

Wicked Mayhem presents the first Hmong Music Awards live at Fresno, CA to be held on December 27th, 2012 at the Warnors Theatre from 7pm – 10pm and the after party from 10pm-2am.

Warnors Theatre (pictured below) is located in downtown Fresno – a 2,104-seat Pantages Theatre. From the architectural features that are as remarkable as they are stunning, to the completely unique visual and acoustic experience, the Warnors Theatre offers you a truly delightful experience whether you come to enjoy our movie series, a comedy or stage show, one of our many live music shows, or even your own wedding!

As 2012 comes to a closing, so does all the hard workers who has put in a lot of effort in reaching beyond their respective community. This year, I have observed from afar a huge new talented Hmong artists on the rise and old friends to commend on their roles in trying to implement inspiration to a whole new level. There has been various Hmong events that has done a full circle into the beauty that are Hmong. The Hmong New Year has exploded through YouTube, making the Hmong New Year the most anticipated events of the year and enjoying the sound of Hmong popular musicians.

It is not a surprise that for the very first time, an event that will be hosted on the 27th of December is not about exploiting the Hmongs, but to celebrate and honor those who has had their hand to the music world. This year, CEO and President Sid Lo of Wicked Mayhem will be sponsoring the first annual Hmong Music Award (HMA) live in Fresno, CA on a one night event in honoring the most talented Hmong individuals or groups for the year of 2012. This year, there is a cause for celebration as we commemorate each of these individuals in providing these talented artist a new platform to be bestowed upon them.

The categories that will be presented are: Rock, Traditional Hmong/Laos, R&B/Rap /HipHop, Soft Rock, Male Artist, Female Artist, Christian Rock, DJs / Music Producers, and Best Music Video. And the 2012 nominees are in the following category.

Fo4rth Seal – “Npauj Npaim” 
Kub Qav Kaws – “Thov Hmoob Hlub Hmoob” 
Dang Thao – “Yog Mua Dua” 
Fields of Pray – “Red” 

Tee Vang – “Wb Mam Sib Hlub”
DA Players – “Nco Koj Ib Leeg”
LeeKong Xiong – “Leej Twg Qhia Koj” 
R&B / HIP – HOP / RAP:
LP &TL featuring Death Ryme and other artists – “The Movement Remix”
Jin Lee – “Rap Hmong Francais 2012”
LP & TL – “The Future”
L-MO – “Last of My Kind”
LP & TL, Pownda, ChicSpittenFire, Plucky, Fres Thao, Tou  – “Cypher Session”
Pham Yaj – “Yim Koj Yug Qeeb”
Toog Vaj – “Tus Ib”
5 Hmoob – “Koj Tsis Zoo Li Tus Qub”
Destiny Band – “Lus Paj Lus Cua”
The LosWing – “Xaus Li No”
Phong Vang – “Hlub Lwm Tiam”
Carl Vue – “Tus Dej Ntws Tsis Rov”
Tee Vang – “Wb Mam Sib Hlub”
Proto-J – “Tsev Neeg”
Jasmine Tierra – “Our Love Is Forever”
Vanna Moua – “With & Without You”
Kristine Xiong – “Lub Sij Hawm”
Maa Vue – “Nyob Ua Kev”
Pagnia Xiong – “Cia Rau Txoj Hmoo”
Jade Lee – “That Boy”
Annie Cha – “Wb Mam Sib Hlub”
Lag Xi Tsab – “Puv Npo Ntawm Kev Hlub (Nkauj Vajtswv)”
KB Xiong – “Kuv Tus Ntsujplig”
Maiyia Vwj – “Vajtswv Ntuj”
Holy Thunder – “Xav Nyob Ze”
DJ KTman – “New You”
DJ Peter – “So Far Away”
DJ Jon.Incredible (Jonathan Lee)
Project Spin (DJ)
Holy Thunder – “Xav Nyob Ze”
Kristine Xiong – “Yog Kuv Paub”
Proto-J – “Tsev Neeg”
5 Hmoob – “Koj Tsis Zoo Li Tus Qub”
Kub Qav Kaws – “Thov Hmoob Hlub Hmoob”
Jade Lee – “That Boy”

Now that the year has gone by and the Hmong New Year all taken place, preparing for future events is now on it’s way to prepare new upcoming artists to seek their chance on stage at the HMAs. 

There will be photos and videos coming soon, please be patient.

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