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TobyMac – Eye On It Review

The Critic In Me:
Before I came to Christ, I have never been impressed with the secular music industry because I find it boring without any real integrity or plot. Why? Five reasons: One, is the secular music has too many club scenes  that are getting old and out of fashion. Two, there are always sex, semi-nudity, alcohol, drugs, and violence meshed into their music and videos. Three, the secular music always sends the wrong message to teens who are currently listening to their music, not to mention that they always talk about their relationship with their partner instead of God. Four, their performance is great, but they cannot play a single instrument. Five, they always sing about love and hate. Not once have I ever heard an uplifting song to encourage people to do something with their life. Sorry, but it’s the truth and it hurts.

What I don’t like I often blog, tweet, or Facebook about it. The awesome tool that I have used to update all my criticism is by using Twitter, an awesome tool to use when I need to pray, send myself some notes or just follow people who are also Christians. Everyone is a critic, we often criticize about our own image or at times about the papers we write. I always criticize about my work and at times select those who I think are worthy to interview. As you browse through my weblog, in my About Me section I have interviewed a variety of people for Asian publications. Now, I just like to review other people’s work because I’m not afraid to criticize the good, the bad and the ugly. I do my research before I decide to purchase an album, book and film.

When it comes to music, films, articles, or books, I have to be impressed with their work not just by the person performing but the quality of the entire package. And throughout the years, I have criticized many things from Britney Spears to today’s artists. I would listen to their music, watch their videos, look at their performance, then watch their videos again to make sure that it goes along with their music they sing to. And I have been sadly disappointed that they have all failed miserably in my prospective point of view. As I mentioned before, the music may have been great, but when it comes to the quality of the entire show, it was a waste of time. As compared to other performers, Christian artists outshines the secular performers with real music that will uplift the audiences to tune into the next album while the secular performers are in it for themselves and making music that doesn’t make any sense. I noticed a huge difference among performers and the real deal. The difference is that Christian artists always involve their fans into their music videos, incorporate a meaningful message about love, hope, faith and courage. Last but not least, they want to help make a difference to worship the Lord through their music.

That’s my critic background for you, when I don’t like it I will spill the beans and caution people about the items they purchase. At least, this is the beginning of it.I  came into the Christian music community this past year and I have to admit that I was surprised at how many Christian writers, singers, song writers, and other artists had. Through the Grace of God, I am blessed to share, celebrate and worship with friends and close family about these talented musicians. I was astounded to find out that there were more Christian musicians who do what they do to glorify in our Lord and help bring people to know Jesus Christ.  Tonight, will be my first review on one of Christian’s leading artists.

Toby Mac – Eye On It Review:

Toby Mac’s Eye On It album has been released for the past five weeks now and has reached the top 200 Christian Billboard Charts reaching number one (general information about Toby Mac can be found on his official website by clicking here). While listening to the Christian radio station one day (Q90FM), I caught onto this catching tune that I couldn’t get out of my head. Like everyone else, I youtubed for the keywords that I remembered and found the lyric video to Me Without You (above).

Flashback, stepping through the scene. There’s You and there’s a very different me. Touchdown, You had me at belief. You had me at belief, You did.

I love the fact that Toby Mac meets the younger generation with hip hop, rap, pop and relating it to the audiences around the world. The best part is that we can actually dance and worship to the Lord at the same time. How awesome is that? Yet, through it all Eye On It has lyrics that touches our hearts. The lyrics reminds us of our contemporary turmoils that we face every single day. Eye On It reminds us that no matter how low we are in life, whether we are sad, lonely or incomplete, there is a higher power that is always there beside us.

I also wanted to mention that in the album, whenever he mentions the word YOU. Toby is actually referring to God. As you listen to Steal My Show, Toby is giving God the center stage because God is the Almighty God who we lean on whenever we are need to glorify him and worship Him. Toby feels at peace and humbled by God’s presence that he gives himself to God, inviting God to take center stage in his heart giving God all of him and have God take the driver’s seat. Toby continues to thank God throughout his entire album, Thankful for You and praises God through the wonders He has bestowed throughout his entire life. What intrigues me about the album numbers Steal My Show, Forgiveness, Loose Myself, Speak Life and Unstoppable is that no matter who we are in this world we always will need the Lord. Toby reminds us that we are all sinners and are not perfect human beings that often makes mistakes, but also gives us hope that there is a God and he sent his son Jesus Christ to save us.

Overall, I love the CD, the catching tunes, the music, the dance vibration and flow of the lyrics. The only thing that disturbs me is the CD cover. Why greenish yellow? And why the Eye? I didn’t want to bring the topic up, but someone from YouTube brought it up that the Eye is symbolic for the Illuminati. The cover could have been better designed, enough said and that is all I will say on that topic.

What is your overall opinion on Eye On It?

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