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A NEW Beginning

Ladies In Faith Together (LIFT) has made a good start, a great beginning. However, our Faith is being tested and our foundation has formed small cracks filling our foundation and slowly seeping into our lives to shake us down. In our minds, we began with ourselves from our local church. However, through my heart and the words flowing through me at this very moment there is an important calling for other women who are believers in Jesus Christ to join us. God has a mission for us all and he is patiently waiting for each and every one of us to use our God given talents to embrace these gifts, enabling us to share with each other.

LIFT isn’t just about studying the Bible, through his Word, but to fellowship with one another and offer friendship when we need it most. We women each have a different story to tell, a story filled with an emotional baggage. I wanted to share with you all I have learned after reading the Resolution for Women, receiving some wise advice from friends, family and the Great Lord through my dreams.

I have been praying a lot lately to the Good Lord about Love. And where I have learned to have so much compassion for others, why I always see the good in people and why I help out those who always needed my help without asking. You must remember that our family upbringing isn’t the typical “I love you” family, we grew up believing that emotions were a form of weakness and that it shouldn’t be seen in public. This past weekend, spending time with my sisters in Milwaukee and meeting new people. I have finally found courage to speak with you all about my heart.

Twelve years ago I have always felt that I was unworthy, that whatever I did to show my love for my family through action was never good enough for them. So I hid my pain of despair for so long, all I ever wanted from my family was their love. Three words, “I love you.” I wanted words of confirmation from their lips telling me that they loved me, not “I appreciate you” or “I’m proud of you.” No, I needed a strong message from them indicating that they love me regardless of what I do. Words are so simple to say, but hard to acknowledge. Words doesn’t register to other people until they finally admit to themselves they were wrong and say, “Hey, I’m sorry.”

I now have peace in knowing that I am loved unconditionally by my Father, the Creator of all things. So I am writing to you all today, not for myself, but for God. After many weeks of isolation away from my lovely sister’s in faith, my heart is opening up to embrace the Lord. God is awesome, as I have tears in my eyes by writing this; my heart is calling out to woman of all races to build a stronger foundation through the Love of Jesus Christ, Amen.

God is LOVE. His LOVE is forever lasting. God created us with a purpose. These words that I have written were kept locked inside my heart. But with the power of prayer to Our Lord and Savior, he was able to help me write these words that needed to be written. Pastor Anthony, Abby’s pastor said that writers don’t have to write huge theological books to prove a point. It could be written in a simple pamphlet or booklet, or for this instant a blog like mine.

So this is just the beginning LIFT’s most powerful growth in our Faith. I have signed the Resolution to be accountable for my actions so that I can grow further in His Word and change to glorify Our Lord. This journey is going to take time, but I have His Grace and His Love throughout this journey.

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